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iAutism was born on September 11, 2010 with the aim of providing information on the available apps for people with ASD or other special needs.

From 2010 to mid-2014, iAutism has published an extensive list of available apps, and has reviewed many of them. And it has also published related information, such as reviews of books and academic articles, or lists of apps on sale on occasion of April 2th, World Autism Awareness Day. It has been an intense work, and it has provided us with many opportunities to learn and share, to meet people and some recognition, such as the one published by The New York Times.

In September 2014, iAutism and Fundación Orange have launched AppyAutism, a new website devoted to apps for people with ASD. AppyAutism brings a new design, a powerful app searcher and more updated content, including lists of academic and popular articles. iAutism stills shows part of our “old” content, but it is no longer updated besides some news, so I recommend you to visit AppyAutism,

-Francesc Sistach