Review: Look Again Jr

Look Again Jr is an app focused on early learning and stimulation. It can be useful for any child, but it can be especially useful for working with children with special educational needs. It will help you teach them, in a very visual and intuitive way, logic reasoning, the association of concepts, spatial abstraction, mental arithmetic and, in general, the attention.

Firsts steps
With a very friendly presentation and a correct functioning, Look Again Jr consists of a train of activity sheets sorted by levels, from level 1 to level 120.

After launching the application and wait for the initial screen to disappear, you can choose between two animals. The chosen one will identify you over all the activities and achievements.

Once you choose a pet, you will the main screen, from which you access the different sections of the application.

The “Play” cloud, as the word itself suggests, leads you to the activities, starting from the level that you have indicated in “Choose Level”. As you surpass the proposed activity, the level will increase.

From the “Choose Level” screen you can choose at what level of complexity you want to start (1 to 120).

In the “My Stickers” section you will find the awards or reinforces that you get through the successful completion of various activities. Approximately every 4 activities performed correctly the application rewards the player with a sticker. These stickers are stored and accessible at any time here.

Finally, in the “Instrucctions” section the app shows a screen with instrucciones about the basic operation of the application. Look Again Jr is very intuitive, so for many parts of it you do not need to read any manual. However, it is always desirable to have this kind of information inside the app.

The operation of the application is very simple. Activities vary, but the mechanics of the application is always the same. Each activity is resolved by selecting a number of items placed in the margins of the image, being the central image the pattern or model for the activity.

At the top of the screen a number indicates the level at which you are and, on the right side, how many items you have to select to properly resolve the activity. You also have a direct access to the help screen and another shortcut to the main screen labeled “Main Menu”.

Once successfully done the activity, your pet appears in the game, inviting you to participate in the next activity, explaining what the next challenge to solve will be.

There are many types of activities, involving geometric shapes…


… as well as colors, dices, simple calculations or geometric figures. The activities allow you to work with different concepts and adapt easily to different cognitive levels and cultures. However, from level 31 there are some exercises based on calculate amounts of money that use images of US coins and notes, so children from other countries could find these exercises more difficult to do or, at least, less meaningful for them.

The application is only in English, which is not a problem in general, except just for the above activities.

Look Again Jr works well and allows us to work different areas from the same app. The activities are original and effective. The app uses reinforces –stickers– to add stimulus, something that many other learning apps lack. Given that the app is universal, ie it works on iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, and their price does not reach 1 dollar, I believe that it is worth to take a look at it.


Look Again Jr 1.0
Links: iTunes
Company: Smappsoft
Languages: English
Functions: Learning, including logic reasoning, association of concepts, and mental arithmetic.
Versions: Only one for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Price: $0.99 / €0.79


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