500 apps for iOS!

The list of applications for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch includes now more than 500 applications! 18 months ago, it did not reach 50, but I have added almost 50 new apps only this weekend. I like to think what would it cost to buy them all: about $ 8,000. But they will certainly not fit in a single iPad.

I’m still working on expanding the list and, above all, on improving the descriptions of each app.

Next World Autism Awareness Day (April 2nd) I will publish a special list with discounted applications that day as I already did last year.

Finally, and I am sorry to bother you again with this issue, but the number of visits to iAutism has grown a lot (many hundreds per day) so the website collapses from time to time. To upgrade our Internet hosting service costs us $50 per month, but during last year we have received donations for only $115. So I ask you again for your help to keep iAutism alive.

-Francesc Sistach


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